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I started at The Yard in May 2017 with a goal to get fit and feel healthy and strong.  What attracted me to The Yard was the group training sessions with unlimited training morning and evening as well as have the option to work with a trainer.  Training at The Yard has forced me to take my body way out of my comfort zone and made me realize that there is so much I can do with my training than I ever thought was possible.  I am still such a newbie at The Yard and have a very long way to go in terms of strength and technique but I am loving every second of this journey I am on. I love working out and I make the time, some days its hard and difficult and don’t always feel like it, but after a hard session I am energised and whatever stress I went through during the day whether at work or on my body I always feel great.   I went from being depressed and a binge eater to happy and confident and no longer have struggles and issues with my eating or food.  I have an awesome Coach – she focuses on my goals and trains me around what I want for my body and I have her to thank for where I am today.  If you are serious about training and results I highly recommend the Yard.  The entire team are highly skilled and knowledgeable about fitness and training and with effort, consistency and hard work you can and will transform your body.

New Testimonial - Gillian Lamantia

"The Yard Athletic has become a part of my life and taught me the skills to achieve my goals, The trainers have the correct skills and patiences and through them I am a stronger and fitter person today. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to improve there health and shed off those unwanted kilos to give the Yard Athletic a try in 2018."

New Testimonial - Johnathan

Great facilities, specialist trainers, awesome vibe!

Ivana Nebuloni

Training at it's best! Professional trainers and yet fun at the same time.

Wesley Ponticakis

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