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Johannesburg Body Transformation

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12 Weeks To A New You! That's All You Need To Transform Yourself Into A Fit, Happy & Healthy Individual!

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If you're looking for a life-changing exercise experience for all fitness levels, try the 12 Week Human Upgrade Course at The Yard Athletic in Johannesburg. You'll start seeing your body change immediately, and get in the shape you've always wanted with a variety of strength and cardio exercises that will ignite your metabolism and torch unwanted fat.

As a group of trainers, we have quite few decades of experience in what works and what doesn’t when it comes to health, fitness, and performance. Let’s just say we’ve been around the training, nutrition, and coaching block...a few times.

We've learned that real results involve multiple facets. If you truly want to get meaningful, long-lasting results during your health and fitness journey, you need to holistically work on all the components that impact it. All the components work together and you can’t leave one out.

The course has been developed to help you improve in the 4 key areas:

  • THINK – Improving your mental game
  • EAT – Developing healthy eating behaviors and a long term individual nutrition strategy
  • TRAIN – Developing effective training behaviors and the right relationship with exercise
  • RECOVER – Managing recovery and stress correctly

Designed to get you in GREAT shape, this body transformation programme in Johannesburg will help everyone - regardless of age and fitness level - achieve their fitness goals while developing lasting habits and behaviors for a healthy life.

Start Seeing Results After Only A Few Short Classes!

The 12 Week Human Upgrade Course is designed to meet the needs of our large and varied community by providing challenging yet fun workouts to improve your health, help you lose weight, and motivate you to achieve your individual fitness goals!

The 12 Week Human Upgrade Membership At The Yard Athletic includes:

  • Unlimited group training sessions
  • Easy to digest weekly teachings via email
  • Weekly tasks to implement via email
  • Bi-weekly trainer check-ins and assessments in person

You'll burn calories and experience countless benefits for your body and mind as you start seeing more body transformations in the mirror each day.

Get In Your Best Shape Today With Fitness Classes In Johannesburg!

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Enhancing Lives Through Fitness

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