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The Yard Athletic's Semi-Private Personal Training sessions are the best, most affordable way to work with a Personal Trainer on a programme designed specifically for you! During these sessions, our trainers will take special care of each client, understanding their goals and fitness needs and abilities.

Our Semi-Private Training model guaranteed a client-to-trainer ratio of no more than 3:1. All clients receive their own unique individualized programme based on the results of an initial one-on-one assessment. The programme is updated every 4-6 weeks after a re-assessment is conducted to determine progress.

Personal Training in Johannesburg

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The Semi-Private environment ensures you get adequate coaching whilst being in a motivating and positive environment with others who are also working hard to achieve their goals.

The Semi-Private Personal Training program at The Yard Athletic includes all the benefits of our Group Training Membership, PLUS:

  • An individualized programme designed specifically for you, according to your goals and assessment results (updated every 4-6 weeks)
  • One or Two Semi-Private Training session a week (4 or 8/month) working through your specific programme (depending on the level of your membership)
  • Unlimited use of the gym along with a copy of your individual programme

Time and time again the methods at The Yard Athletic have proven to produce results and help our clients improve their strength, cardiovascular health, fat loss and overall fitness that not only improves their performance in the gym, but betters their lives outside of the gym as well.

Get A Individual, Personalized Fitness Programme At The Yard Athletic With The Motivation & Accountability You Need To Succeed!

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