Our training philosophy is based on taking the best aspects of various training styles, systems and techniques and combining them together to create a holistic hybrid training system. Athletes and everyday members are exposed to the right dose of strength, power and speed training, posture and corrective work as well as metabolic (‘cardio’) conditioning specific to their individual needs and goals.

All of this is presented in an inspiring, high-energy environment with the perfect blend of science and attitude!



Weather you are a high school, university or professional athlete we will help you reach your optimal level of performance. By improving your weaknesses, enhancing your strengths, focusing on your sports specific fitness requirements and improving your overall athleticism your performance will be taken to the next level. Our athlete development system is based on scientific assessments and programme design.

Once you have been taken through the assessment and your performance goals are set you can either take part in group, semi-private or one-on-one training sessions depending on your preference.

If you enter into semi-private or one-on-one training you will be provided with a unique programme tailored to your specific performance goals and current fitness levels. Although assessment and programme design is key to getting results, the ‘magic’ begins when you are coached through your programme by highly skilled trainers.


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