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Group Fitness classes at The Yard Athletic are one of the most effective ways to lose weight, gain muscle and improve your overall fitness with like-minded individuals. With Group Fitness Training, you'll experience motivation and accountability you just don't get with other Fitness Programmes.

Our Group Training membership gives you access to unlimited Group Training classes which are designed to get you moving better, get stronger, fitter and in great shape! The training sessions and monthly programme's are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, decrease your injuries, increase your strength and help you function better in your day-to-day activities. 

The Yard Athletic's Group Fitness Classes In Johannesburg!

Each different workout we offered have different strengths and benefits which allow you to find the right programme for your goals. This ensures an efficient and effective workout with exercises designed to increase your functional strength, reduce injuries, and boost your metabolism. Our Group Training program will get you in shape, burn fat, and help you reach even your most ambitious fitness goals.

The Group Training program includes four different classes:

  • TBS - Total Body Strength
  • Met Con - Metabolic Conditioning
  • Yard Style - Kettlebell & Bodyweight
  • Movewell - Bodyweight Mobility and Movement Training

Together these four classes and training modalities create a holistic training experience that covers all your training needs and ensures the best results possible. This membership is for individuals that don't have any special circumstances, which would require a more personalized programme. Your membership includes all the following:

  • Complete as may high-energy Group Fitness coaching sessions as you desire per week
  • The sessions and monthly programme are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, decrease your injuries, increase your strength, and help you function better in your day-to-day activities
  • Both metabolic conditioning and total body strength training group classes are offered to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Programme is updated monthly

Get Mind Blowing Results With Group Fitness Classes In Johannesburg!

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