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Maureen Ackerman in Johannesburg - The Yard Athletic

Maureen Ackerman

Maureen began judo at the age of 14 and was awarded Provincial colours two years later. Two years of further commitment and dedication saw me awarded National (Springbok) colours in 1993, when she represented South Africa at the African Open Judo championships, finishing second in her weight class.

Maureen’s colorful and exciting personality is reflected in the path she’s travelled so far, first working for the South African Air Force form 1994 to 1999 as an electronics warfare operator (military intelligence) and next Maureen traveling to the US, working as a ski and snowboard instructor.

After this interesting start the opportunity to turn her passion for fitness into a career presented itself and Maureen qualified as a personal trainer in 2005. With special interest in training youth, Maureen followed her PT cert up with a Diploma in adolescent training techniques whilst starting to work at Hatfield Virgin Active.

Shorty after her new journey as a trainer she was presented with the opportunity to travel as she spent time in Egypt training a Saudi royal princess. Since returning to SA Maureen has continued her personal training career at Northgate Virgin Active and more recently Bel Airs Virgin Active.

Maureen’s diverse skill set and constant pursuit to bring her clients the best coaching possible led to her be nominated for Virgin Active personal trainer of the year 2011. Maureen was nominated again in 2012, this time going on to win Virgin Active trainer of the year out of more than 900 trainers.

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